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"Who let all of this riff-raff into the room? ...Get them up against the wall!!"

Yesterday I got to work some more, oh how fun it was. Although I was only supposed to have to work 4 hours I got stuck there for 6 because we just had so much work to get caught up on. Fun times. That put me in a cranky mood, so to cheer myself up, and to reward myself for the quitting smoking, and because, well, I'm obsessed with DVDs, I went to Best Buy and bought a ton more crap. I haven't even finished half the stuff I bought last weekend, or even started the graphic novels I bought the other day, but I some how figured I needed to get more. I have a definite spending issue. I went there originally to get some shit that's been on my list for a while but had just never bothered getting, but of course I also had to walk around for an extra hour or so looking for other random shit to spend money on.

I ended up getting That 70's Show: Season 3, That 70's Show: Season 4, Jim Gaffigan: Beyond the Pale, The Girl Next Door, Ray, Family Guy: Volume 3, and Mr. Show: The Complete Series. I had never seen Mr. Show before, but I've heard it was good and I love David Cross, and for $40 for the whole series (while they were somehow selling each of the 4 seasons separately for $30 a piece) I figured I may as well check it out and holy balls am I glad I did. This show is fucking HILARIOUS.

After Best Buy I came home, watched some movies then Tess and I headed down to Lyndas house for a little get together. We ended up going to Wal*Mart to get some food and Lynda wanted to get Lost: Season 1, but decided it was too expensive and passed. She sucks, but I ended up getting Superman, Superman 2, and Look, Up in the Sky: The Amazing Story of Superman (a documentary about all things Superman) since they were all on sale for only $5 a piece. Yay for compulsive purchases. Anyway, we got food, went back to her house and watched The Machinist. It was good, but nothing too amazing, it was a tad predictable and rather unoriginal, but it was entertaining enough. Then home, then sleep.

Also, I am building a wall and doing a mass editing of my friends list because either you don't update ever or I just don't read your posts or, well, because maybe I just don't like you and find you annoying, who knows. Also after this entry I am going friends only because there is too many annoying douche bags that I don't know that just added me because we like 1 of the same movies or because they like my tattoos or some stupid bull shit and even though I have requested they leave, they still stay around and make retarded comments.

I know there are 2 of you (Jay and Lyra) that read my LJ that don't have LJs of your own, so this will pose a problem. So suck it up and just make one. You don't have to post your own shit, but if you're going to want to still read this you're going to need one.
LOST - Smart Ben

"Stop smoking, take a deep breath and stop smoking"

So, first off, I must say
CONGRATULATIONS im_a_hot_dancer!!!

Today it has officially been 6 months since I had a cigarette. I have no desire for one at all so I think I finally have quit FOR GOOD. It only had to quit like 7 times for it to finally stick ;)

According to quitmeter.com I have saved $462.69 and have not had 2,501 cigarettes. So yeah, go me.

In work news, I am sooooo sick of working, when I left last night at about 9:30 I had 57 hours and I still get to go in and do another 6 or so today. The money is going to be hella sweet, before taxes I will be getting $670, just for this one week, thing is though with all the time I work I really have no need for so much money since I can't go out and spend it. We hired a bunch of new people and rearranged some departments so SUPPOSEDLY after next week we should be all caught up and not doing 20+ hours of overtime every week. According to the Head Boss Lady though, we don't have that much overtime. In our staff meeting yesterday she says she's sorry to make us work the weekend again but "it's not usually like this, this is the first time we've had mandatory weekend overtime 2 weeks in a row". Um..... 2 weeks in a row? We've been on mandatory weekends for about 9 weeks now. Oh well, hopefully shit gets caught up and I can have a life again.

In other work news, I emailed Andrew (my video Boss) over a week ago about a raise, he still hasn't emailed me back, so I am over that. I really was sick of the weddings anyway, especially for what I was getting paid, and I don't even have time to do them, plus I am making more than enough money at Fiserv, so sucks for him.

Lastly, I did have a semi-life last night. kimmandercool came over for a little bit. We sat on my couch and watched The Simpsons and laughed. To most people that probably sounds boring, but I had a total blast, it's cool to finally meet someone that enjoys just relaxing and watching TV. Kimi is fun times.

As for now I get to go back to work. Woo freaking hoo.
LOST - Smart Ben

"I got Kitty Pryde, and nightcrawler too, waiting here for me, yes I do. Yes I do"

YAY NEW COMICS!! I been looking for these for ages and finally found them.

In other news, work was crazy today, we are rearranging most of our departments, switching managers, making new managers, making new departments, hiring people, and firing people, so everything is crazy hectic. All I know is my job stays the same and I get to keep it, so all is good.

And now this, stolen from aeamek, who stole it from ldygabilan

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LOST - Smart Ben

"I crash my car everyday the same way time to let this pass"

So I just got in a little fender bender. How fucking fun, but lets Tarantino this and go back to the beginning.

So I was enjoying some Justice League while playing some New Super Mario Brothers on my DS and I get an IM from kimmandercool saying she was hungry, eventually we decided to get some sushi, so out we headed. Eat eat eat, yum yum yum. We say goodbye and off we go. As I am backing up I hear a quick beep then a bang. Yay accident. Not much happened, I was going maybe 1mph, I didn't even have my foot on the gas. I think dude was speeding through because I checked and saw no one, but alas, we made contact. Dude was surprisingly cool about everything. His car isn't so badCollapse ), he was just glad no one was hurt and his car was still drivable so he could go out and party. Long story short we exchange info, call the cops, the cop gets there and was all "yeah?" and dude was "uh... we got in an accident...", cop was "yep, and?" and dude was "I dunno, I thought we were supposed to call" and cop says "you have choices, you can settle this yourself, or you can file a report and have it all go through insurance", so dude says "well, yeah, lets file a report" and the cop gets all pissy and fills out his shit. Bottom line is I got no ticket, cop was cool about that, he said "It was a small accident, you know to be more careful, and I'm sure you don't really want a ticket on top of fixing your car". I held back a laugh and said thank you. My new car will be here in a few weeks and there is like no damage to my car, so like hell I'm fixing anything.

Anyway, the shit that really gets me is all the shit that goes into the making of an accident, all the minute coincidences that go into. Such as follows:

*I have know Kimi via the myspace for about 2 years I think, we have discussing hanging out before, but nothing ever came of it, well today we finally went and did something. So that got me out of the house to begin with.

*We were going to go to Bonzai, but they were closed for a private party, so we went across the street to Thai Thai, which put me in the accident location

*Our server was shit and took forever to get us anything, and when we went to pay he was no where to be found, so we searched him down to pay so we could leave. We walked to her car, quick hug and good bye, then I walked to my car, started it, backed up and CRASH. Had we waited for our server to come get our money, had we had a faster server, had we said a longer/shorter good bye, it could've been missed.

It is just insane all the tiny little things that go into effect to put you in that one spot for that one moment to cause an accident. It completely amazes me how everything that happens, no matter how small, can have a bigger impact down the line. The universe is amazing.
LOST - Smart Ben

"Look at you with all your shiny toys for boys"

Work was surprisingly cool for a Saturday and went by pretty qickly. Afterwards hack_me_bitch and I headed to King Street Body Gallery so she could get some ink. Tom seemed pretty cranky, probably due to his website not being done. On one hand I can see where he's coming from, we've been working on it for about 4 months and we told him it'd be done a while ago, but on the other hand we both have jobs and work a ton of hours, and it takes a while to build a nice site, and he doesn't seem to understand we can't devote tons of time to it. Either way he looked pissed and wasn't talking much so it was really awkward there. They finished up, I drove Elyn home and then went to Best Buy.

I finally used my $100 gift card I got from citibank. I was going to get an XBOX 360 but decided against it as there isn't any games I want for it yet, so I decided to buy a bunch of other shit:

After the gift card all that only cost me $76, and that was due mostly to the 2 games. And speaking of which mrfurious, I'm gonna need your friends code so we can play Tetris DS.
LOST - Smart Ben

" Yo ho yo ho, a pirates life for me"

12 hours of work after 3 hours of sleep is soooooo fun, let me tell ya. especially since I get to be back in 8 more hours. Enough of that, I now bring you

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest: The [slightly] More In Depth Review

First off, about the experience, it was WAY more crowded than expected. There was 7 midnight showings at the theater, all of which were sold out. The general population there were 12-15 year old girls (and their moms), most of which were dressed as "pirates". I say that in quotes because apparently pirate attire consists of a black and white or black and red striped shirt with a red bandana or scarf around your head, although I don't recall ever seeing a pirate in any film (or other medium for the matter) wear striped shirts or the "biker" bandana, I'll give them the scarf though. There was a few guys dressed up as Jack Sparrow, none of which looked remotely good, but the dumb teeny boppers were all freaking out over them. And of course, in typical teeny bopper fashion everyone was yelling and screaming and squeeing and taking pics (which apparently has become the latest thing, taking pics everywhere, and not just 1 or 2 on a camera phone, I'm talking like 30+ on a digital cam), and I was expecting them to ruin the movie, but once it started everyone was perfectly quiet, even when Orlando was shown missing half his shirt. I was quite proud of them, but once it ended they all were retarded again and I wanted them all dead.

About the actual movie, not really much to say about it, but here's my usual, except this time with no spoilers:

Stuff me likey:

-Everything. For real, the movie was goddamned fantastic. I'll be a tad more specific though:
-Awesome special effects
-Imaginative designs, characters and sets all look amazing
-Movie length: 2.5 hours; Plot length: 2.5 hours. There was NO real filler in this movie, everything was purposeful
-The fight scenes were fucking awesome and choreographed very well. The sword fight towards the end between spoilersCollapse ) is one of the best and most original fight scenes ever.
-Original enough to not say it wasn't just a rehash of The Curse of The Black Pearl, but similar enough to make us remember why we love ...Black Pearl so much
-Much darker than ...Black Pearl
-Keira Knightly is HOT
-Johnny Depp is also HOT
-Jack Sparrow just fucking rules
-I may as well just cut and paste the script, it was simply fucking great.

Stuff me no likey:

-A few things were rattled off rather quick and I didn't quite catch what was going on, but it was nothing too major
-A few jokes and references to ...Black Pearl seemed a bit forced
-Not as many great one liners from Jack
-Thats really about it, if you can't tell I completely dug the movie.

In other Depp news, tomorrows free midnight movie @ cinemaworld:


As for now I must get some sleep.
LOST - Smart Ben

Truth, Justice, and The American Way

1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY p0sta1!!

2. Happy late 07/04. Go America and what not.

3. I had a great über relaxing 4 day weekend where I did pretty much nothing but play Dragon Quest VIII. After putting in a whopping total of 76 hours and 24 minutes (about 44 hours or so were done this weekend) I finally completed it about a half hour ago. It was a great fun game, but I am glad it is over. It was starting to get a bit too long/monotonous, I don't mind spending lots of time on game, just so long as most the time isn't spent traveling from one side of the map to the other to pick up some random item I probably won't really ever need. But now it is done and I can focus on other aspects of my life again (ie. watching DVDs).

4. I also watched a few episodes of Justice League: Season Two today, GODDAMN what a fucking awesome show. Batman owns all.

5. Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Mans Chest, Thursday night (technically Friday morning) at Midnight at The Oaks if anyone cares to go, consider this your invitation.

6. Back to work tomorrow, so time for sleep.