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"and imagine your body as the pen where the ink resides"

yeah, thisll be a novel, deal.

rest of tuesday-went home, then over to chill with my friend mike, basically just hung out and played video games and spoke of the evils of women. at some point jess called, so me, mike, her, and dan went to JDs and got some beers. mike rarely drinks so he had a few beers and was pretty drunk, but he was funny as all hell. went home, slept. yadda yadda.

wednesday-worked, did some teleprompter. john was all freaking out about shit as always, seeing as we do post production about 3 minutes before we shoot. so while shooting were always changing the script, he asked me to change something and i accidentally erased a part and hes all "goddamnit peterson, what are you doing, we need to hurry this up" the, under his breath he muttered "dumbass". wtf. this dude needs to be hit. i also need to say shit about it, but im such a pussy. o well, went to deliver somethin to florida today, then me, gravity888 and toriafanblue went to lunch then to new addiction to get prices, then i went home. looked at computers as i've finally decided to join the darkside and get a mac, i knew nothin about them so i had to do some research. did that for a bit then went to school and shot my scene for directing and acting. it sucked so bad cuz my actors suck and im soooo not a director. after that went with dan to the metro to meet jess, as we got there she was getting off work, we went to penny annies but they wouldnt let jess drink cuz she weras glasses and has short hair, but her liscene has no glasses and long hair, so the bartender said it wasnt her, even thought it obviously is. so o well, went home, dinner, then sleep.

thursday-same shit different day, work, then school, then out with jess and dan and this annoying as fuck kid jason. i hate that kid. drank some beers, chilled, the usual. home sleep.

friday-worked. work was actually kinda fun. i was running prompter again, but it was cool this time cuz duncan was running camera and directing the shit. so i didnt have john freaking out in my ear the whole time. at some point john came in the control room and said one of my coworkers said i know HTML and asked if it was true. i said i know it, not very very well, but i know it well enough and he totally flipped and was crazy excited. i mentioned i was getting a new computer so i can get all these programs and learn them and he got really excited again and was being all nice, kinda scared me. so yeah, im probably gonna start doing alot of HTML work there since the guy that does it now is also our animator and he has hella too much work to do. so thats cool, if i do it, like on a regular basis, i best be gettin a raise.

so anyways, did some more work, then ordered my computer, heres the specs on what i got:

Dual 1.8GHz PowerMac G5
1GB DDR400 SDRAM (PC3200) - 2x512
160GB Serial ATA - 7200rpm
8x SuperDrive (DVD-R/CD-RW)
ATI Radeon 9800 XT w/256MB DDR SDRAM
Mac OS X - U.S. English

as well as a really sweet wireless keyboard/mouse set and a 40GB iPod.

im so fucking excited i cant wait. cost me, well, my dad, a total for $3,070. good god damn.

after work i went home changed, cashed my check, picked up mike, and went to my friend/coworkers party. twas fun, basically hung out, had beers, played some video games, and this really sweet game "scene it", which is all about movies and shit, very fun. this one chick from work, whom i cant stand got pretty trashed and was running her mouth. that girl is so pathetic. shes like 40 something i guess and shes always bragging about how she used to live in LA and has worked on shows such as home imporvemnet and benson and how she was in "the biz" and she thinks shes so fucking cool for that. but now shes wokring in melbourne. i mean, wtf? you mustve not been all that great at yer big cushy job in LA if youre in fucking melbounre now, AND yo get fired from DRTV. yeah, she sucks. but since we all worked together(cept mike) we talked alot about work and i bring up how its fucked that i can walk into McDonalds and make like $8 starting, but im only getting paid $6.50 at a production company and terry is all "then go to McDonalds" and im trying to tell her thats not my point, its not that i dont appreciate my job or whatever, i mean, yeah it sucks sometimes, and whatever and shes "if you hate it so much go work at McDonalds" and just wouldnt shut up. and then i was bitcihng about how all i do is mop and clean shit and shes "well, in LA thats where everyone starts off" which is fine, i get that, but 1, this isnt LA, and 2, i have experience, theres more important shit that needs to be done but john always puts it off till last second and its just fucked up that he'll have us get ready for a shoot 5 minutes before it, when i couldve been doing it the week before, but instead he had me mopping. and terry was all "well, what ya gotta do then is move to LA" and im "yeah, thatll work seeing as i have no money" and shes "when i went out there, i had no money either, but i made it" and im "well, obviously not since yer back here. the point is though ive no money for anywhere to live here and its like a jillion times more pricey over there, so i dont see that happening, but maybe once i graduate and save up money" and shes "no, theres no point, move there now, its what you need to do" so i finally just told her i will so she'd shut up. stupid drunk bitch. anyways, hung out some more, then went home and went right to bed.

saturda-woke up, showered, headed down to new addiction where i proceeded to spend my entire day there. got there at like 12:30, didnt leave till 9. the whole time i was getting work done, minus like 30-40 minutes total for breaks and shit. this one actually hurt somewhat. liek not so much where id tell someone not to get one, but it hurt bad enough where ill say it hurt and i was cringing quite a bit. the outline itself wasnt so bad, but theres parts where the outline is really thick and tom had to fill shit in. and yeah, that got real old. so yeah, after 8 hours or so of work and leaning over in the chair and whatnot i was fucking sore. so off for liquid anasthetic. me, jess, and dan went to the JDs again, chilled, had some beers. saw this chick jen, you may long time readers may remember her as the waitress from fridays/bartender for parker bros who i had a huge crush on for a while. saw her, she said hi, and went to hug me, but i was telling her careful(as my back was killing me) and she didnt hear i guess so i had to grab her arm to stop her and shes all "oh, new tat i assume?" then when she went to stanbd back up straight(i was sitting so she had to lean to hug) she dropped her beer which spilled all over me then then glass broke on the floor. i was a bit buzzed so it was all in slow mo and then i had such a delayed reaction. it broke, then like 7 seconds later i was all "omg, this sucks". o well, she felt bad and brought me a drink, so that was cool. drank some more, then headed home. talked a bit with people, then bed.

today-woke up, watching fight clubright now, doin NOTHING today. i only have 2 days off work and school and yesterday all i dd was get tattoo work, which isnt very relaxing, so today ima just CHILL. anyways, off to finish fight club. out. but before that, some pics.

so, this is the greatest tattoo ever. tom is a fucking god for doing this. he did an amazing job, and it fucking rocks. now i just need like $1000 to color it in. FUCK ME.

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